THE RIDGE Student Ministry 

(6th-12th grades)



High School Tuesdays @ THE RIDGE
Every Tuesday at 6:15 in the Worship Center.  We play games, worship, learn, and hang out together.  Lessons are aimed at High School issues, and what the word of God says about those issues.
Middle School Wednesdays @ THE RIDGE
We meet every Wednesday at 6:30-8 PM in the Worship Center for music, games, fun and friends.  Lessons are geared directly at Middle Schoolers and the life issues they are currently facing.  
*Doors open at 4:30 PM each day THE RIDGE meets.  Students can do homework, play video games, or just hang out with other RIDGE students.  Adult supervision is on site at this time.
The Ridge Schedule (if date is not listed, it is a normal week for The Ridge)
March 20 – RIDGE is combined.
March 27 – RIDGE is combined.
May 15 – RIDGE is combined.
May 22 – RIDGE is combined.
May 29 – RIDGE is combined.
June 5 – RIDGE is combined.
June 12 – RIDGE is combined.
June 19 – RIDGE is combined.
June 26 – RIDGE is combined.
July 3 – Off (Independence Day)
July 10 – RIDGE is combined.
July 17 – RIDGE is combined.
July 24 – RIDGE is combined.
July 31 – RIDGE is combined.
August 7 – RIDGE is combined.


STUDENT LEADERSHIP – We have places for your students to serve God in the church.  as part of the ecosystem of the church, we want students to lead in other ministries, we want their opinions, and we want them to display ownership of LRCC because LRCC is their church too.  Serving in ministry also allows students to connect with others at church who are not their age, and the more connection points students have the greater the chance that they will continue to be a part of the church when they graduate from high school.  Encourage them to put their faith into action by getting involved in Student Leadership. 
INTENSIVE CLASSES – Our midweek program is formulated to strike a balance between Biblical teaching for students who are already Christians, while at the same time remaining accessible to someone who is attending church for the very first time.  It is sometimes difficult to get as deep into scripture as we would like to, so our second weekly meeting time on Sundays is important.  We don’t want to lose out on opportunities to dive more deeply into scripture, so periodically throughout the year we will be offering short, 2-3 week, intensive classes on Sunday mornings for middle school and high school students.  
 We will be offering sign-ups for these classes and we will be limiting the number of students in each class and will open more classes, if needed.  These classes may require the purchase of workbooks.   Our next intensive class will be posted soon.  Study topic is TBA.  Sign-up here.  

The RIDGE Lock-In:  January 18, 7 PM—January 19, 7 AM.  $10 pre-registration (by January 11), $15 at the door.  Half-off registration for new students to our program and half-off registration for students who bring a friend.  Sign up and get connected here.  Please complete the form and bring it to the Lock-In.  

WINTER CAMP:  12 PM FEBRUARY 22 – 4 PM FEBRUARY 24, 2019 ($210):  Winter Camp is coming soon.  Camp is going to be packed and space is limited.  To register, click hereRegistration is first come, first served.  Once all our spots are taken, there will be no more spots available.  The entire $210 is
required to register, if any spots remain.  
SUMMER CAMP – 8:30 AM JULY 8 – ~4 PM JULY 13, 2019, ($100 deposit, $280 balance).  While Summer Camp seems like it is a whole year away, Lifeway (the company that runs Centrifuge programming), requires deposits for camp in JANUARY.  Crazy?  Yes, but Centrifuge is so good, we deal with the craziness.  The $100 deposit is due January 20, 2019. Payments may be made toward the Deposit, but the Deposit must be paid in full by January 20 to secure your student’s spot. The $280 balance is due June 5. at the Mandatory Parent and Student Meeting.  You can register here.  Registration can be completed without any payment, but will not be official until the $100 deposit has been paid.  
Please e-mail for more information on what Student Leadership is, and how to get your student plugged in.


Additional Student Ministry Info

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