Because our Midweek program is formulated to strike a balance between Biblical teaching for Students who are already Christians while at the same time remaining accessible to someone who is attending church for the very first time, it is sometimes difficult to get as deep into scripture as we would like to.
This is one of the reasons our second weekly meeting time (Sunday) was so important. We don’t want to lose out on opportunities to dive more deeply into scripture, so periodically throughout the year, we will be offering short, 2-3 week, intensive classes on Sunday Mornings for Middle School and High School students.
For these classes, we will be offering sign-ups and trying to limit the number of students in each class (we will open more classes if there is enough demand). These classes may require the purchase of workbooks.
Our first intensive class will be offered on Sunday – November 4 & 11 – during the first service. Study topic TBA.